Life-Business-Spirit Coaching

Heal and Enjoy Your Entire Life
, Relationships, Career, Health

Live Your Best Life

Janet StraightArrow is a problem solver; be it relationships, business, home, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual issues or dis-ease. Janet goes straight to the point and clears the pathways for you to heal, learn and move forward.

StraightArrow’s experience and training in many arenas offers you clear, logical insight and perspective in making every area of your life work.

You will be amazed at how simple everything really is.

Janet works Co-creatively with you helping you discover your own answers.

You feel respected, listened to and safe.

To work with Janet you are open and ready to change.

StraightArrow helps you develop understanding and patience with your process, yourself and others as she guides you through all the levels and territories necessary.

Results are that you are calm, peaceful, knowledgeable and able to move forward with confidence and ease.

Janet’s Telephone and Skype work allows you to access her at any time. In person sessions are available a few days a week in New Jersey.

You can work with her weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to move as quickly or paced as you decide.

Single or a group  of counseling sessions available to achieve goals.

Ongoing clients have access to Janet for important questions or situations in-between sessions.

Janet travels to interested groups for teaching and individual sessions.

Call Janet for a complimentary assessment and interview and to make your first appointment today. 973-647-2500

As a part of the process we access your needs in the first and each session to work with whichever of the Processes below are relevant.

  • Relationship, Career and Life Coaching
  • Specific problem solving and learning new perspectives and ways to live
  • Learn what you can do to improve health, happiness, career, relationships
  • We clear energy pathways to move you into action
  • New perspectives and understanding of self and others
  • Professional training for healing and teaching
  • Release pain, fear, doubt, blame and anxiety
  • Reverse disease, depression and deterioration
  • Bring body back into healing alignment
  • Clear and heal traumas past and present
  • Intense energy transmissions to create deeper healing and retrieve lost energy
  • Medical Intuitive reading on physical, mental, emotional and soul levels
  • Integrate, balance and reclaim your energy throughout body and all systems
  • Energy Healing & Bodywork in person or on phone
  • Healing Family Patterns



  • Relaxation, peace, clarity, hope and joy
  • Learn to take your healing and awareness to the next place
  • Longer sessions are for deeper energy clearing and healing of trauma
  • Free yourself from your past – begin living in the now
  • Transformative energy healing and personal movement, release pain, disease, depression, get unstuck and begin forward movement in every area of your life



 Speak to Janet to prepare for the session

After all sessions — drink water, relax, reflect and integrate

Homework and tools will be given to continue the healing

Ten minute phone session follow up within a week for individual sessions
 Email anytime


Call Today and begin the Journey. 973-647-2500


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