Enjoy teachings and tools in this piece, clear direction, and a free meditation emailed to you. Blessings, Janet StraightArrow

After nearly 65 years, I am in love with the journey more than ever. Each day is an adventure and I see and feel the subtle awakening in myself continuously. Its exciting to know we can progress as we age and get better in all ways. In teaching spirituality and healing for many decades I have always suggested that people be a cheerleader for themselves.

We are on this planet to experience a journey of unfolding and living. Each one of us has a unique opportunity to awaken in consciousness and explore an amazing life. Even when it is not easy it can be an adventure when we become curious and open to learn.

In a world where we can click on the Internet, and receive information quickly, we are impatient for our progress. Raised with ideas of competition and rushing to beat everyone including ourselves, the bar has been high to “get” somewhere. There is always here now.

Note when you can be quiet, feel peaceful and loving, follow these, they give you connection to the real. Move through a tough time and be grateful and acknowledge the passage. Avoid judgment, it’s a detractor from our accomplishments. Letting go of not good enough or never enough to allow the best that can be and enjoy it, rather than dismiss it is a practice in itself.



As we journey through life we each have huge lessons that play out in myriad ways. Instead of seeing self as bad or wrong, open up to releasing the pattern, belief, or fear, and learn what is here to learn.

We are all in earth school, its an ongoing learning, healing and becoming who we are. Facing the challenges awakens solutions when we focus there. When stuck in shame, blame, judgment and fear we go nowhere.

Each relationship, job, person, experience is one to enjoy. If you are not fully invested, make changes in a more aligned direction.



Some basics to follow on your journey. As you move forward note these and allow them to direct and redirect you on your best path.


  1. Align with you. What makes us happy, healthy and successful is to follow our inner truth and love. Ask yourself the question, “Is this aligned with me?” You will automatically feel the truth of whether it is or not and then be able to live true to you. Embrace it.


  1. Find balance in your life. Any direction followed without balance falls apart. There are always times of great focus to accomplish something, and yet we have a body and a life to be served as well. Be sure to take care of you and yours and your support and life will continue to serve you and those you are here for.


  1. No Doubt. Stop doubting as you walk. New steps forward take courage and yet this is how we travel. We never know where we are going until we get there. The only there to know is here. Focus on being present and moving from the inside out.


  1. No Fear. Fear is in every negative thought and emotion we have. As we move beyond fear we find freedom and fun. Fear interferes with our life. It keeps us from traveling and listening to our inner guide.


  1. No Blame. Blaming self and others takes us off track. Focus on solutions instead of holding self and others hostage. Blame is a dead end. Discovering cause allows solutions. No one is served by blame.


  1. No Judgment. Let go of the judge and jury and love you through the process. We are learning creatures who are constantly challenged to grow and become more of who we truly are. Judging others holds us back as well.


  1. Peace. What gives us peace shows us we are on track. When we are anxious we are not paying attention to the above. Keep going. Make needed changes.


  1. Unconditional love. Learning to love ourselves and one another unconditionally is the main journey. When we reach this there is no more to go, except to continue to live it more each day. Continuously unfolding love and life from here is amazing.


Patience is Being Present



Step-by-step attention to all of these is powerful. Enjoy a recorded meditation on these to help you experience and deepen your journey.


GIFT OF MEDITATION ON THE ABOVE. Send me your name and email and I will send it to you. if you do not receive it check spam.

Let me know how this helps you enjoy the journey.

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!


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Never Give Up Hope by Janet StraightArrow

Some may think hope is a fantasy. I found it to be a lifeline out of dark times, and what moves me forward daily. Things are rarely as bad, as our mind or others speak it to be. We are magical people who like cats, have many lives, and opportunities to be free.

Our free will is strong, don’t let anyone, especially you, talk you out of the best possibility. The human condition is constantly blocked from our magnificence. It is us alone that can keep the path and doors open by letting go of doubt, fear, blame and judgment.

We are always worth fighting for. It is a fight until we just truly know, and let go, and easily align with truth and love. We live in a world where the worst is focused on, more than the best regularly.

Doubt is the new religion instead of love and hope. It sidetracks even the most talented and connected people from their best life. The excuse is its scientific smarts to doubt when instead our energy and intent can be focused on solutions and clear doubt out as the leader of problems.

I believe in God, not as a guy in the sky, but as a consciousness that is all love, truth and possibility. There are no limits except for our choices. The fact that we are all God or the consciousness of God awakens the truth and sets us free.

Live Love

Everything in life is our journey, the good, the bad, the ugly and the miraculous. Stop judging, and keep choosing the best for you, and allow the movement in that direction. We all have agreements of challenges we brought to the party, called our life. We can play the victim or saint or just play it straight.

We are all miracles. When we keep remembering this, life is amazing, full of potential and possibilities. Walk the line of what you want or see next for you, and the path opens as we walk. When challenges arise there may be deep lessons or new directions to attend to.

Fear of death may keep us alive. Fear of life kills us; body, mind and spirit.

Living full out is the best way to live. Not overdoing but moving forward, enjoying self-family, friends and others and all we enjoy, in all of our gifts and abilities. Taking vacations and sleeping well take care of the body and soul. Choosing to change may be called for in all areas of our life in order to move forward. Mostly we may need to change our attitude, release doubt, fear and blame, and anything that keeps us stuck.

Dying is not failing, sometimes dying is our next adventure on the soul journey. Letting go of the body happens in many ways. When it does, it is to honor the life and passing of the one who has gone, and release them from our hold here on earth.


My parents taught me about hope. Dad stayed alive through constant critical health times with his and Moms sheer will. I learned the power of the will and yet it was not working for me to see my Father and all of us in the family, being sick, and focused on not dying.

When I was diagnosed to follow in Dads footsteps, and not live as long, I rethought the whole picture. I decided to live and be healthy, instead of constant belief in the need for sickness. I used my will to change the paradigm we were living in, and instead kept my focus on health and a long vibrant life. I rejected synthetic medicines, and embraced mind, spirit and nature as the most efficient way to health.

The quality of life was what I wanted, to live all of the possibilities my parents encouraged me to live would not be done, until I got out from under the blanket of sickness and fully embraced perfect health.

Hope got me here, but when I aligned with truth, knowing took over, and led me step by step. When challenges arise, as they always do, I remember hope and truth and health and love as our nature and follow through.

I was guided to study health and consciousness in eastern and western traditions. I studied experiences and beliefs of native and natural healers and learned how to move through the illusion of dis-ease into health over and over again.

Like my favorite children’s story, “The Little Engine that Could.” The engine was the smallest and most challenged and yet he began with, “I think I can.’” And kept moving despite the challenges, until he said “I know I Can.” And kept moving and did.

You can too. In all areas of our life, the religion of doubt clouds out the highest truth. Underneath we know we can. Choosing and remembering and acting, is how it all comes about. It may begin with hope. Let it lead us to How.

Look at where doubt has clouded your life, and release it to find the gifts underneath. We are all strong and able. Know you can move forward step-by-step until the momentum and continued focus takes you in your best direction.

Live the Power of You!

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

Call Janet today to assist you to remove any obstacles and empower solutions in all areas of your health and life. Fifty years of research and living and teaching it brings abundant resources to find your way back to you. StraightArrow teaches you how and helps you hope until you know and follow through for you. Never give up. You are perfection unfolding.

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Reiki 1 Energy Medicine Class April 9

Learn this hands-on-healing art for healers and everyone ready to heal self & others. Additional evening for follow up and to complete the class. Date is determinded by the group. Develop confidence in your own ability to heal. Janet has been teaching Reiki and energy medicine for 22 years.

This comprehensive professional level course, offers practical healing and energy work teachings in addition to Reiki attunements, meditations and practice with everyone receiving a full healing session. Awakens spiritual connections and abilities in awareness and healing with experiences and teachings to help you move forward.

Usui Reiki 1 Certificate, Reiki 1 book, and recordings of class. Date of additional class will be determined by all attending the class.

PERSONAL.Reiki empowers your own healing abilities. Reiki is used to speed up healing, relieve pain, aid sleep, relieve stress, improve circulation, aid digestion, increase energy and stamina, balance the body, clear negativity, and heighten psychic abilities, aids connection to your higher power and much more! Healing can occur on all levels- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

PROFESSIONAL. You will learn how to help heal yourself and others in your life. You are also trained to work with clients, if you choose to work professionally. This bodywork modality is a perfect professional enhancement for massage therapists, medical, dental and veterinary practitioners, ministers, psychologists and all who reach out to help people and animals heal.Please come ready to learn and enjoy!

DETAILS. You receive sets of attunements to the Reiki 1 Universal energy which awakens healing in you and the ability to channel to others. We learn beginning levels of scanning and working with chakras and many levels of us and healing. We experience meditations and connections to healing guides. We learn hand positions, intuitive healing and more, along with the Reiki creed.

THE EXPERIENCE. Reiki is a hands-on method of bodywork. Hands are placed on the body or just above the body according to your comfort. Each student has an opportunity to receive healing and give it as we practice with each other in every class. You leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized.

EXTRAS. Janet extensive years of experience and teaching offers you a powerful opportunity to optimize the healing with added teachings to enhance the ability for you to use this in everyday life, attain great results, understand, and give and receive deep healing and relaxation.

TEACHER. Janet StraightArrow, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive and Shaman has been teaching healing for 35 Years-Reiki for 22 years.

$325, for complete training. Recording of class and reiki 1 book added to class. CE Credits available. $100. Deposit to hold your place. Discount of $40. when you Prepay balance by 4/1, After till 4/7 $325.

Sunday 4/9/17, 9:30am to 5:30 pm plus one night decided upon by group. or checks to be received by dates above to Janet StraightArrow, 39 Greenwood Ave, Madison, NJ 07940
See more about Reiki, our Reiki Training, Testimonials and Janet on

Reiki 1 Testimonial. “I have found Janet to be a wonderful teacher, she is inspiring, talented and sincere. I have benefited greatly from her teaching and healing. She has made me realize the power of my own abilities to heal.” E.S.

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Dead – Awake, A Journey of Love and New life

 As a Shaman I am used to traveling to various levels of reality to experience life in all of its forms. When my youngest daughter Lisa suddenly left her body twelve days after her twenty-ninth birthday, it began a journey of intense experiences, that I now realize, I had been prepared for all of my life.

This April 1, it will be 9 years since she changed dimensions and left her body. Lisa and I have had quite the journey together and separately over these years, and I knew when it was the correct time, I would be able to publish my writings of my experiences and learnings. She is here to help me, as are many others who are here to help people release the fear of death, and awaken multidimensional life here now.

Love is always us, no matter how life has been played out, love is the glue and fabric of all dimensions of life. As souls we play many roles and rules that transform, as we remember who we are, Love.

 My experiences with Lisa broke all the rules of what I was taught about what happens after we die.  There is nothing to fear for those who have passed. They are in good – God hands. Its us that can awaken through this experience, and bring awareness and deeper love into living happier, healthier more enlightened lives now. That is where the title of the book I have been writing, Dead-Awake came from.

Fear interferes with the beauty and majesty of life. Our loved ones who have let go of their bodies no longer hurt, instead they experience healing, freedom and love. All are not totally evolved when they pass. The level of freedom requires healing on this side in our body, and on the other side as soul.

The grace of new life is ours on both sides of the veil. Everything is here now as I had learned many years before, as I awakened my Shamanic lineages and abilities. There is no place else to go but here. Our loved ones and all of our experiences are here now. past, present and future resides here.

 Waking up occurs now as we walk. No waiting. We are our own psychics, healers, teachers and manifesters. Be The Medicine teachings and practices assist us in making deeper connections to all dimensions of our life.

Releasing rules and illusions of the material world and man, as we grow in love, freedom and enlightenment, makes everyday life productive, peaceful and grand.

As painful as it was to go through the death of my child, I understand its purpose in the grand scheme of her and my life, and have used this to help many others and will continue to do so.

Janet StraightArrow

Always in Love, Peace and Joy,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You. 973-647-2500

I am offering workshops of communicating with loved ones that include breaking fear and illusion of death and the other side and opening to purpose and love of the support we have for one another as people and souls. I also offer grief coaching that has assisted many to understand and make peace as they move through the process of healing.

Please join me on , ,

Live the Power of You!

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Wisdom Sessions with Janet StraightArrow

Begin the Adventure Today! Imagine sitting with a Wise Medicine Woman and enjoying a listening ear and open heart offering deep healing and a higher perspective on your life. Life makes sense from this place and you move gently into better relationships, health, life and work situations.

Bringing out the best in you she also sees where the pain and illusions reside and assists you to release them. Even in the darkest time, she reflects the light for you to see your way home to a better, healthy, happy, life.

Walking this walk for fifty years Janet has navigated tremendous challenges in every area of life. Research, and study with teachers, masters and medical people as well as over thirty years of teaching, coaching and healing to assist others, bring a great level of experience to you.

A pioneer, Janet found she was reawakening Ancient knowledge that she carried inside. As she learned, she continued to remember more. Practice and study in traditions from all over the globe in mind, body, spirit, emotion and soul brings a well rounded perspective.

 Janet sees and hears things that you do not. From truth, wisdom and love all is revealed in ways that help you love yourself and others through whatever challenges are occurring.

One session moves you light years ahead, your life has new meaning and purpose. Things that bothered you are brought into clear focus and purpose that free you from struggle and pain.

Health challenges are faced with possibilities of complete healing on all levels. Step by step you dive into causes and solutions. Energy work, Shamanic work and many more ways are applied. You leave with simple, clear teachings and tools that move you forward easily. StraightArrow offers a direct path to freedom, fun and a meaningful life.

Make an appointment today. Phone, Skype or in person sessions possible.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

Also training in Energy Healing, Shamanism, Soul Purpose, Medical Intuition. Living Mastery. Healing your life, past and present. Ceremonies. Retreats and more. Awaken your inner gifts and learn to Be The Medicine for you.

There is always laughter, love and lighthearted wisdom that nurtures you as you move through everyday and traumatic situations in any session or class.

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Make Friends with Your Emotions


Humans have many levels of experience and expression. Our emotional nature helps us get in touch with what is occurring in our body and life. Crying is not weakness, it is a relief valve to let go of something that is hidden inside and needs recognition and expression.

Too often we suppress or deny or ignore ourselves and keep on plugging on. That is the way I was raised, and it did not make sense to me. To feel is a great gift. They are a not weakness but intelligence and strength to explore. Emotions are a gateway to something to notice and attend to.

As we address our emotions we can reflect and awaken our deeper reality. Something is not okay, and might not have been for a long time. Listening to our inner self, our truth center is a practice worth learning.

Everything makes sense, and its for us to figure it out. I am not a big emotional expresser, so when I am sad or angry or crying I know its something for me to attend to. We deserve paying attention to what is going on and what we need. Emotions tell us its time and we have neglected something for too long.

IMG_7927As a healer I keep Kleenex on hand, easy to reach for my clients. I expect them to cry as I know they came to learn and heal from things that have hurt for a long time. All physical healing has emotional, mental and spiritual components. When we address the emotions we are on the road to healing physical and emotional disease and pain.

To embrace our emotions, and become curious what our body-self is telling us, is an important step. What hurts us? What have we suppressed? What have we made okay that is not okay? What do we want to be different that hurts? Where are we not living our truth?

These questions and more allow us to stop the pain and heal the wounds. I teach zero tolerance with what is not okay with us. This immediately lets us see what we are not dealing with or doing to take care of us.

Its okay not to be okay. As we acknowledge what hurts or feels incorrect, we can then make needed changes. When we constantly suppress, or fear instead of deal, emotions build up, until they cannot any longer, and need release.

A good cry helps us flow, and find a healthy balance. Love yourself enough to let go and find out what is blocked inside, so you can operate your life from a happy, healthy place.

Enjoy the Journey,

IMG_7855Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!


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What is Be The Medicine…Really?

Posted on  by Bethemedicine

IMG_7996 As a child I was known to say, “If only everyone was responsible for themselves the world would work.” Be the Medicine is how we can be responsible for us, why and how we are not, and how we can live free, better, healthy and happy lives, naturally.

This is a life work and purpose, for me. It has been a most challenging walk from birth, and yet to keep walking has been natural for me. To be free, we must know how we are not free. To be responsible AKA able to respond, we need to know how we can find answers and results inside of us.

We are the change, we are the answers, we are the medicine for the earth, and each one of us. It takes growing up, with the innocence of a child. It takes letting go of wounded, controlled ego, and tapping into the wise all knowing soul. It takes having fun with it all instead of seeing it as a job.

Celebrate discovering being wrong, so we can find out what is correct. It takes loving us and having compassion for all, as we live in this illusion of victim, when we are the complete opposite of that.

photo Love is always the answer and yet it takes quite a bit of growth and waking up to understand and live that. We choose to be free by letting go of pain and misery.

Something else I knew as a child is “Everything counts!” At six-years old this shook me to my core. Each thought, action, experience and person makes a difference and recreates the world each moment. That was a great awareness and responsibility. I did not know how to deal with the enormity of this, and yet it was a focus for my life’s journey.

We are as free as we choose to be. From a young age, adults would listen to me and say, “You have the gift of discernment.” Which meant, I knew the truth from the lie with teachers, parents, children and all others. I learned to keep quiet, to stay safe from attack as much as possible, and kept my own counsel and made decisions from knowing what was truth and illusion.

IMG_0266 Embracing Responsibility

We are all in this together. We cannot know how to live differently, until we learn how.  People reject responsibility for self, because they want to avoid self-blame or judgment, and do not want to believe it was in their hands all the time. So we do not judge or blame, we go deeper to learn how to live our lives free. Having compassion that this is a growth process and choice for everyone is key.

No one else is responsible for us, even our parents and partners. We choose how to live in our heads and bodies, heart and soul, no one else lives there but us. When we give others power over us, we are trapped in illusion, when we are truly free, we just need to learn the way to be.

Discerning truth and illusion in our heads and the world is a huge learning for each one of us. Letting go of everything we have been taught to believe, even when it did not make sense, is a process. It becomes simple, the more we let go of what is not true, and heal and clean out of our mind, body and spirit what traps us in fear and conformity. We have to learn what is true and how to release the lies.

Our world is immersed in reasons, excuses and powerlessness when each day we can stand more surely in our power of love and humanity creating a better life and world. Letting go of outside approval is key. We begin to learn to discern truth from the inside out and trust it naturally.

Its okay to be wrong, or what others might call bad, because we do not agree. We all have the right of free will to learn to create our own path and life. Others have the right to disagree and find their own way too.

What we judge or get angry, it has something to do with us, no blame, just awareness that we hold some of that too, its our issue and we can heal it and be free. We each have a purpose individually and collectively to discover and live. No one else needs to understand just learn by being with us, whether it’s a leader or a family member, they have a purpose with you and me.

The Clear Path

Earth School

We are on a journey of discovery. Each one of us is here to remember our divinity. We have been taught against us for generations, and are now opening up to our true reality more each day.

We have only to look at the elections to see where our illusions still are. How can we choose and be responsible in such a time? We can go deeper into us and find ways to wake up in our body, life and purpose, one person at a time.

Love is the answer, guide and teacher.

When we are not in love, peace, health and joy we have places to awaken and heal in us. No one is perfect and we all have challenges in our lives that wake us up in their challenge to teach us how to be free. Love you and all.

 Being more love and loving each day is a great guide post. Asking inside what can I do to be free of pain, suffering and misery will bring the answers naturally.

We learn how to listen and trust and receive. When we release the opposite of who we are, it melts away, because it is illusion. The more we reinforce the problem, it remains. We cannot play it both ways.

Be the Medicine is a way to empower ourselves to be free and live our whole self and divinity naturally. It is a path of joy and love, health and hope.

This is neutral, no one religion, it is the religion of oneness and empowers our unity as humans, with great diversity. Oneness without separation. Love without judgment. Peace because all is one in love. We each play our part. Its not about fixing others, its about living our true self, divine, one person at a time.

This is how we change the world, we begin with us, and it grows. We release fear and control of others and love on through. It works. Try it. Live it. It takes a while to release the fears and beliefs and illusions and excuses that have created the problems. Because our divinity is truth, it moves mountains more quickly that we can imagine.

The one who guides us is our soul which is divine. It is our best friend, ally and true self that does not want to get sick or die, kill or be killed, it wants to live healthy, happy and free. Finding that inner connection to who we really are and living it, is how we can be the medicine for us and the earth, day by day. Patient, peaceful, loving and free. It is worth the adventure. Have fun with it!

Janet has many tools, teachings and practices to bring us front and center with the truth of us and to clear and heal all that blocks us with joy and wisdom and fun.

Enjoy the Journey,

janetsmile Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

Personal Coaching, healing and mentoring available. Healers, teachers, leaders and everyone walk a deeper journey with you and live your life, health, relationships and work with more freedom and precision. Its a joy to midwife people to be free to be them naturally.



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