photoLife is a journey and like any trip there is much to see and experience along the way.

We live in cycles of day and night, full and new moons, seasons of the year, and many others in our personal and body life cycle.

In this writing, retrograde is to go over again, to go deeper and higher on your journey.

Some people get angry when they have to revisit the past or lessons or issues, and feel like a failure or that they have lost ground on their journey.

Like with retrograde planets, the surrounding planets have moved, and so have circumstances in your life, so we see the retrograde planet, or you and your journey, with new eyes.

When we feel like we are going backwards, it’s helpful to let go of emotion or judgment about it, and finds its purpose, and see things in a new light.

We never really go backwards, just deeper and higher, unless we choose to stop and be stuck, and then we might take some deeper work to free us and move forward. It’s always perfect.

Sometimes when you are in a cycle of deep change, it’s called the dark night of the soul.

It’s not so dark, just a place to awaken to more light and let go of what has been darkening your life that no longer works.

So when you feel like you are going backwards. Stop and pay attention to new opportunities to learn, heal, let go and then forward movement occurs.

It takes as long as it takes. Be patient, present and willing to walk through the process until the energy shifts to forward movement again.

Working with your journey is moving with energy.

It’s only when we push forward, when its not there, that it is a big struggle.

Remember that it’s not only your will, but also the will of the universe and timing, to match your intention.

When we participate deeply and awaken to higher purpose we move even farther along our path to us.

Listen, learn and enjoy the process.

Blessings and Joy!

janetsmileJanet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, The Path to Live the Power of You!

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Janet has dedicated her life to living, teaching, healing and assisting people to: Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You! You can expect new teachings, transformation and laughter whenever you are with her. StraightArrow has been teaching and healing for twenty-two years and has studied with Masters around the world and developed simple, clear and profound ways to assist people in all aspects of their life, health, relationships, career and discovering and living their life purpose.


Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!


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